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A moment of relaxation that stimulates your body and your mind.

Cuddle your loved ones with our different Chinese massage options in Brussels and discover without delay our offers to spoil you at low prices.



What could be better than a good massage to restore your mental and physical balance during this rather complicated period? The Asian Touch wellness, beauty and health massage parlor offers the practice of Chinese massage in Brussels. Thus, it offers a guaranteed moment of relaxation for the body and mind.

For a few hours of rejuvenation, visit 
Asian Touch. A warm welcome, an attentive team, massages inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. Don’t hesitate to take a moment for yourself.

détente serviette avec des fleurs et des pierres


A wellness center that combines comfort, tranquility and softness. It is a space that offers you an unforgettable moment of relaxation.


Stimulate your nervous system, promote the suppleness and vitality of your skin, improve blood circulation and much more…


Resolve muscular tension, release energy blockages, reduce stress and help prevent certain illnesses.


The history of Chinese massage

Known by the majority only very recently, Chinese massage was born more than 2000 years ago. Thus, it is a much older practice than other branches of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. The first techniques consisted of relieving pain and regaining mental clarity. Inseparable from supernatural beliefs, they were exercised by shamans. Today the practice of this massage requires prior recognized training of two years. It represents one of the five major branches of traditional Chinese medicine.


We offer you the best Chinese techniques to help you enjoy an energetic massage that removes muscular tension and unblocks energy. And all in an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation at low prices.

Natural Products

Asian touch uses purely natural products recognized for their virtues such as argan oil and arnica vegetable oil. In addition to extreme relaxation, these oils act against drying out and physiological aging of the skin.

The art of massage

The magical hands of our massage therapists have mastered the right gestures to relax you. The massage is dosed and paced according to the condition of the person receiving it, and provides a great moment of well-being and rejuvenation.

Chinese massage in Brussels: its virtues and benefits

The practice of Chinese massage offers many benefits in terms of physical and mental well-being. It will notably promote the vitality of your skin by improving your blood and lymphatic circulation.

Other benefits of Chinese massage include the stimulation of your nervous system which releases mental energy blockages.


In the long term, this practice improves your reflexes and helps prevent certain diseases. All these manual techniques are carried out with the use of vegetable oils. Recognized for their virtues, they act on your skin and its maintenance to fight against dryness throughout the body.

Our Chinese massage center in Brussels

The AsianTouch spa is a wellness, beauty and health center offering sumptuous Chinese massages to restore physical and mental balance.

The TUI-NA therapeutic massage can help you better cope with the stress of daily life, combat headaches and aches.


A specialist relaxation fair in Brussels

The Asian Touch professional salon is made up of a team of experts ready to help you regain your vital energy and let go thanks to Chinese massage in Brussels. Many formulas are available to help you better cope with the mental load of daily life as well as muscle pain and headaches. A feeling of well-being that will last even after the massage. Also, do not hesitate to contact the center by telephone or go directly to the center for more information.

Other benefits of Chinese massage include the stimulation of your nervous system which releases mental energy blockages.

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All our massages in Brussels


It is a serenity massage that relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, releases toxins and regains lightness and vitality.


TUI-NA means “grab-push”, this massage from traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond relaxation and comfort massage. In Tuina, there is a therapeutic dimension.


Also called champissage, this massage is a therapy that provides relief from tension and headaches. It reduces migraines and insomnia.


The foot contains thousands of nerve endings. Massaging this area stimulates the entire body. Ankle stretching and rubbing. This is enough to provide a great moment of well-being.


It is an effective massage against cellulite. Its goal is to break down superfluous fat cells and evacuate them.


It is a massage that will help you reduce stress and recharge your batteries. It is a natural way to relax and regain physical and mental balance.


A relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders. Take full advantage of the rest and relaxation that our massage professionals in Brussels bring you.

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